Tea and Talk with Charlotte Adelman at the Deer Path Inn

Join us for a Tea and Talk with Northshore resident Charlotte Adelman, co-author of Midwestern Native Shrubs and Trees at the Deer Path Inn

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 2:00 PM

The Garden Room at the Deer Path Inn, Lake Forest, IL

$65 includes Afternoon Tea and book

Space is limited so call Lake Forest Book Store at 847-234-4420 to reserve your place

The Cleveland Plain Dealer writes "One of the most important recent reference books recently published is Midwestern Native Shrubs and Trees: Gardening Alternatives to Nonnative Species... An extraordinary amount of information is found in this guide, including extensive descriptions of hundreds of non-native plants and their native alternatives to plant in your yard."

In this companion volume to the bestselling The Midwestern Native Garden: Native Alternatives to Nonnative Plants, Charlotte Adelman and Bernard L. Schwartz offer another indispensible guide to replacing nonnative plants with native alternatives. This time, their subject is the native woody species that are the backbone of our gardens and landscapes. Among other ecological benefits, native shrubs and trees provide birds and butterflies with vital food and reproductive sites that nonnative species cannot offer. And they tend to be hardier and easier to maintain. The authors provide a comprehensive selection of native woody alternatives that, season by season, provide effects similar to those of nonnative shrubs and trees used for ornamental purposes and shade. These plants are suitable for all garden styles, provide blooms and fall color, and have the same cultivation requirements as their nonnative counterparts. Nature notes alert readers to the native species' unique ecological roles.Unlike other gardening guides, Midwestern Native Shrubs and Trees goes beyond mere suggestion to provide gardeners with the tools they need to make informed, thoughtful choices. Knowing which native species to plant for desired effects empowers landscapers and gardeners to take on a greater role in protecting our midwestern environment.

Charlotte Adelman and Bernard L. Schwartz are the authors of Prairie Directory of North America: The United States, Canada and Mexico, winner of the 2003 National Garden Club Illinois Tommy Donnan Certificates Publications award and the 2003 Garden Clubs of Illinois' Award as well as The Midwestern Native Garden: Native Alternatives to Nonnative Flowers and Plants: An Illustrated Guide.
Event date: 
Wednesday, September 27, 2017 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Event address: 
The Garden Room at Deer Path inn
255 East Illinois Road
Lake Forest, IL 60045