Mastering Adversity: Unlock the Warrior Within (Paperback)

Mastering Adversity: Unlock the Warrior Within By Amberly Lago (Foreword by), Lance Essihos Cover Image
By Amberly Lago (Foreword by), Lance Essihos
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After losing his chance of becoming a professional hockey player, Lance found himself in the midst of an identity crisis. Directionless and bereft of his dream, Lance spent many years searching for his purpose in the world, drawn to the night-life industry fulfilling his craving for adventure and the hedonism that comes with a bad-boy lifestyle. Death and despair shortly followed and it was time to pour this pain into something more purposeful.

After decades of heartbreak, loss of loved ones, and numerous business failures, Lance was able to uncover the behavioral patterns that arise in hard times. These experiences led to Lance's life's mission of helping the world alchemize their rock bottom into personal power. Through his own personal development journey working with countless healers, experts, and leaders in the field of adversity and personal struggle, Lance has discovered the greatest tool to get you to the other side of your darkest moments: Becoming the Warrior.

Mastering Adversity delivers a powerful, raw, tactical message of hope: anyone can shift their perspective of adversity, given the right tools. Lance provides practical resources and relatable insights paired with his own stories of struggle and success. This book delivers reassurance to anyone experiencing a crisis that what they are going through is never in vain. Readers will see aspects of themselves in all of the Adversity Archetypes, and through Lance's framework will be able to unlock and embody the true warrior spirit in every area of their daily lives.

"Do you sometimes wish you could make sense of life? Have you wondered why bad things happen to good people or why you feel so empty in spite of your success? Me, too. Having gone from suicide to significance and from generational poverty to wealth, I believe the insights you desire to guide you through life's most difficult seasons are within this book. Now, enjoy the read and embrace the growth that comes with it. You'll be thankful you did."
- Darryll Stinson, Transformative Philanthropist and Bestselling Author, Who Am I After Sports?

"Learning about Lance's personal journey when I first met him on his podcast led me on my own journey to finally heal from my childhood and young adult life. His advice and willingness to share makes this book a must read."
- Steve Astephen, 25-year Sports and Entertainment Entrepreneur and Executive, The Familie

Lance Essihos, a Canada native and world traveler, has made it his life's mission to help heal the world through the art of powerful storytelling and human connection. He is the host of the top-rated podcast University of Adversity, motivating hundreds of thousands of listeners to turn their darkest days into their greatest motivators. He has interviewed over 350 renowned people all over the globe, including world-class entrepreneurs, pro athletes, celebrities, doctors, spiritual masters, and the common heroes among us. Lance is the Founder & CEO of Mic-Up Media, an agency that helps founders and visionary leaders grow their businesses, brands, and networks through podcasting and storytelling.

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ISBN: 9798986328256
Publisher: Landon Hail Press
Publication Date: September 23rd, 2022
Pages: 248
Language: English