El nuevo humanismo: Y las fronteras de la ciencia (Paperback)

El nuevo humanismo: Y las fronteras de la ciencia By John Brockman (Editor), Salvador Pániker (Introduction by) Cover Image
By John Brockman (Editor), Salvador Pániker (Introduction by)
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Some of the top scientists of today—the geographer Jared Diamond, the linguist Steven Pinker, the philosopher Daniel Dennett, Marvin Minsky, Lee Smolin, among others—discuss the unique contributions each is making to the development of modern thought. Some of these thinkers are in sync, others in dissent, but what emerges is a dialogue that serves to support the assertion that a third class will emerge where the literary intellectual and the scientist merge. This study not only serves as an introduction to some of the best scientific minds of the 21st century, but also brings together the sciences and humanities in a way that, until now, seemed virtually impossible.  Brockman ha reunido en este volumen algunos de los científicos más punteros de la actualidad: el geógrafo Jared Diamond, el psicólogo y lingüista Steven Pinker, el físico David Deutsch, el filósofo Daniel C. Dennett, el astrónomo Martin Rees, el físico teórico Lee Smolin, entre otros. Algunos de ellos comparten puntos de vista, otros disienten pero lo que emerge es un diálogo que sirve tanto de introducción a algunas de las mentes científicas más lúcidas del siglo XXI como de punto de partida para crear una sinergia entre la ciencia y las humanidades, dos esferas que hasta el presente, parecían virtualmente incompatibles. 

About the Author

John Brockman is a literary agent, an editor, and an author specializing in scientific literature. He is the founder of Edge Foundation, an organization that brings together individuals who work at the edge of a broad range of scientific and technical fields. He is the author of Digerati, Doing Science, and Intelligent Thought. Salvador Pániker is an engineer, a philosopher, and a writer.
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Publication Date: June 1st, 2008
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