Prison Segmentation For Joint Ventures: You & Your Team (Paperback)

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The Joint Venture agreement should be explicit about the possibilities for the prisoner joint venture partner to move forward with any agreed employment with the technical partner. The deal could provide for a similar hour commitment upon reentry to that which is comparable to the hours worked while incarcerated. Prisoner partners should be cautious to be realistic with their expectations about employment and their contribution to the Joint Venture effort. Every prison will likely have a variable ability to host a program of this nature and the primary benefit to the prisoner partner may provide a future foothold head start to personal self-sufficiency. --- The books that I have previously published so far about the prison situations are: Angel Raphael Speaks Volume 4: Angels, Addicts, Alcoholics & Prisoners - Oh Yeah Angel Raphael Speaks Volume 5: Prisoners Caring for Alcoholics - Australia In Miniature Projects Intro Angel Raphael Speaks Volume 6: Prisoners Caring for Addicts - Australia In Miniature For Addicts Prison Jobs Now: Providing Care For Addicts And Alcoholics Angel Raphael Speaks - Prisons (A small Kindle only book) Contained Care Communities: Concept Australia In Miniature Projects Prison Possibilities Dialogue Series: Concept Prison Possibilities Dialogue Series: Volume 2 Dialogues Prison Possibilities Dialogue Series: Volume 3 Dialogues Prison Possibilities Dialogue Series: Volume 4 Dialogues Prison Possibilities Dialogue Series: Volume 5 Dialogues Prison Possibilities Voluntary Exile: Concept Prison Possibilities Correction Coaches: Concept Prison Possibilities for Mexicans: Is A Boat Better than A Wall? Prison Possibilities Family Time: A Reason to Thrive Prison Genius Pool: "So Much Genius In Jail" Prison Possibilities Access Control: Prisoner Access by Request Prisoner's Lawyers Can Save The American Economy: Make A Buck Doing It & Be Thanked Prisoner Family Talks, Days, Stays & Vacations: Connecting Helps Healing Prisoner Writing Projects: Write To Heal, Start Over & Reconnect Prison Cell Clearing & Blessing: Clear Entities, Chase Ghosts, and & Create Sacred Space Prisoner Professors: Show You Are Aware Create Change With Care Prison Reiki? Maybe Someday? A Gateway To Help Heal Prisons & America? Judges and An Angel Rule On Possibilities: We Can Cut Sentences & Prison Costs Ideas For Prison Wardens: Leadership Is Not Easy Solitary Community: Could Community Support Cut Costs and Issues? Prisoner Projects Communication Teams: Communications Can Change Lives Motivating & Empowering Prisoners? Invite Prisoners To Find Their Motivation & Their Future Prison Segmentation for Safety, Sanity, Security, Peace & ... Prisoner Projects Communication Teams: Communications Can Change Lives Prison Segmentation For Security Dowsing for Prisoners Ex-Prisoner Possibilities With Real Estate Investors Prison Segmentation For Mental Peace -- Also Please Know The Following: 1. I have published 54 Dialogues of Prison Possibilities. 2. I have published over fifty other books on Angels, Healing, Veterans, PTSD, Fear, Children, Emergency medical Kindness, Language Tools and my Amazon Author Page is "Reverend Mike Wanner" 3. I have many websites and the primary ones are http: //, http: //, http: // and http: // 4. May all who read this be blessed AND SO IT IS.

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Rev. Mike Wanner started his metaphysical and ministerial studies with Reiki in 1993 and has studied seven styles of Reiki in the U.S., Japan, Canada, Denmark and Australia. He is certified to teach. He became certified to teach Integrated Energy Therapy in 1999 and co-taught the first IET class of the new Millennium. Rev. Mike began dowsing in 2001. Ordained as a Metaphysical Minister of the International Metaphysical Ministry and an Interfaith Minister of the Circle of Miracles Ministry, Rev. Mike practices and teaches spiritual energy therapies throughout the world using distance healing techniques and in person in the Philadelphia Area. Rev. Mike holds doctoral degrees from the University of Metaphysics and the University of Sedona. He has been a Pastoral Care Associate of Jefferson Aria - Frankford Hospital for twelve years. He taught at the National Academy of Massage Therapy and Health Sciences. Rev. Mike was a faculty member of the Medical Mission Sister's Center for Human Integration's School of Integrated Body/Mind Therapies in Fox Chase, Philadelphia, PA for twelve years. Rev. Mike is licensed by the teaching of Intuitional Metaphysics to practice Spiritual Healing and Scientific Prayer. Rev. Mike is also a Prayer therapist and was elected in 2007 to the status of "FELLOW OF THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF STRESS." In 2008, Rev. Mike became a practitioner of Coincidental Recognition as he incorporated the CoRe system in to his spiritual healing practice. In 2009, Rev. Mike trademarked a new healing process called Quantum Quatro! Subtle Energy System Support(R). In 2011, Rev. Mike joined the outreach program known as the Health Advantage Group. In 2012, Rev. Mike became a Certified Professional Coach by The Master Coaching Academy and Joined The Personal Empowerment Group. In 2013, Reverend Mike started channeling Angel Raphael, and that started a whole new adventure, which continues to unfold. Prior to all above, Mike worked for Sears Roebuck and Co. while in High School and after graduation until he joined the U. S. Air Force in 1965. He returned to Sears from Vietnam in 1969 and stayed until 1978. His final Sears assignment was as an efficiency expert in Operational Research and Development. Websites:
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