Mindfulness Guide (3 Mindful Books in 1): Complete Guide to Happiness and Peace in Every Moment (Paperback)

Mindfulness Guide (3 Mindful Books in 1): Complete Guide to Happiness and Peace in Every Moment By Rachael L. Thompson Cover Image
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50% OFF (Now through Monday) Three Powerful Books in One Set Complete Guide to Mindfulness Includes:

Book One: Beginner's Guide to Mindfulness in a World of Chaos

This book is perfect for those new to the concept of mindfulness and also those who would like a refresher or new techniques that encourage mindful living. By the time you have finished this book you will know: what mindfulness is and how you can apply this knowledge today, quick and simple meditation techniques, common causes of stress and anxiety and how to combat these using mindfulness, techniques to prevent feelings of regret, and an overall plan to begin making changes for a happier life.

Book Two: Mindful Mornings: Daily Reflections and Meditations to Start Your Day Off Right

Mornings are said to be the most powerful part of any day. They represent a fresh start, a new beginning. Devoting just five minutes each morning to reflection and meditation will transform your days and eventually lead to a more blissful life. Carry these reflections and meditations with you through your days and watch your daily experiences transform. Stress will seem far less daunting, you will be able to enjoy each moment and appreciate those around you as your heart is filled with love and gratitude. You owe this time to yourself. Transcend any limitations brought about by negative thinking and experience true peace and deep joy.

Book Three: 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

The challenge is broken into four, weekly sections, with one bonus day to begin the challenge and another to end the challenge. Each week has a different focus to facilitate optimal learning at each stage of mindful skill development. You will find both basic and advanced mindfulness concepts broken down and will be given simple, concrete action plans to implement each concept in your life. You will find a new activity every day that takes you one step closer to a happy and peaceful life. Activities can help with all facets of life, from relationships to health to problem-solving skills. Begin the challenge and watch your life transform

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