Life Re-Vision: A Journey to Rediscover Your Core, Reinvent Yourself and Renew Your Future Vision (Paperback)

Life Re-Vision: A Journey to Rediscover Your Core, Reinvent Yourself and Renew Your Future Vision By Anamaria Aristizabal Cover Image
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We live in unprecedented times, with increased polarization, complexity, and uncertainty. It's easy to get lost, feel frenetic or paralyzed, without inspiration or a clear path to move forward. How can we keep perspective and lead our lives with a defined purpose, knowing fully who we are in the midst of the chaos? If you are looking to pause, reflect and create space as an individual or as a community for discovering your way forward from your essence, this book is for you. Life Re-Vision is a journey to craft your new map, the one that honors the fullness of who you are, and that evokes your passion and your gifts for the world. Full of metaphor and imagery from nature, Life Re-Vision is a soulful step by step process to review your past, and re-vision your future in the most important aspects of your life. This path has you strengthen your inner compass, connect with your creative drive, and identify the worlds where you truly belong. The six steps of the Life Re-Vision methodology are: 1. Bones: Unearth the artifacts and relics of your existence so far to connect with your passion and creative drive. 2. Seeds: Honor the essential stories of your life to rediscover your virtues and core essence. 3. Winds: Declare the ideals and forces that guide your life for a renewed motivation and stronger sense of direction. 4. Territories: Map the worlds you inhabit and where you aspire to contribute, strengthening your commitment and sense of belonging. 5. Ecology: Deepen your understanding of your inner ecology of gifts and virtues and the outer ecology of what the world needs right now to formulate your vision and mission. 6. Fruits: Visualize the legacy that you intend to leave behind, that creates a better world and adds to your fulfillment day to day. This book is meant to promote belonging to oneself and to the world. This book is a tool for a new kind of conversation in communities and organizations using new language that enhances intimacy,
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ISBN: 9781949661606
ISBN-10: 1949661601
Publisher: Succulent Publishing
Publication Date: December 20th, 2021
Pages: 374
Language: English