Walking with Giants: The New Testament Fleshed Out Through 20 Asian Servants of God (Paperback)

Walking with Giants: The New Testament Fleshed Out Through 20 Asian Servants of God By Harry T. Bush Cover Image
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From the author:

This book will change your life. It will take you to seven South- and Southeast-Asian nations and introduce you to twenty fascinating people whom I call "Giants." These spiritual giants come in varied forms and from extremely different backgrounds and terrains, but they all have one common link: they are totally committed and surrendered to following their Lord Jesus.

You will cry as you feel the martyr's flames of a missionary father and two small sons in rural India. You will cringe as you nearly hit a tractor-trailer truck head-on in northern Pakistan.

You will be awed as you see the hand of God turn a Bengal tiger away from an untrained church planter, also in rural India. That church planter scattered gospel seeds up and down both sides of a huge valley amongst a lost people group, and you will be shocked at the unbelievable results.

You will suck in your breath as you travel up a river in Borneo (an experience that feels like going back in time five hundred years) and see two young, fearless giants planting gospel-light churches up and down those ancient and spiritually dark river banks.

You will smile at a small Indian man, partially blind and missing half of one arm, waving fire brands in front of wild, rampaging elephants to drive them away after they had destroyed his house and village. That same fearless man, a spiritual giant, drove off Satan by lifting God's Word and Jesus' resurrection power to change lives for eternity and miraculously lift a handicapped boy into God's ministry.

You will feel the blood ooze from a witness in northern Pakistan as bitter winds sap the life of a gospelizer on the slopes of a Himalayan mountain.

You will experience a miracle in the slums of Mumbai (Bombay), India, and be enriched by many more examples of how God used no-name people to bring radical, gospel-changed lives and churches to that region.

In each chapter of this book there are two additional sections. I include a section called "Getting There," which describes the challenge of traveling in each of these Asian countries. I also describe the environment where each of these giants live and minister, which are usually a great challenge for us Westerners. This adds the missionary perspective.

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