The Mountain (Paperback)

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"A day is not a lifetime, a rest is not defeat, don't think of it as failure, just a quiet, kind retreat" - The Mountain

Tackling mental health, relationships, bullying, body image, hate, love and everything in between; this first collection of poetry and prose from Laura Ding-Edwards focusses on the importance of being human, in its rawest, purest forms; this book doesn't have the answers to our most intricate complexities, but it does reassure you that you are only human, after all.

Feedback from Followers

"Woven within her evocative words are teachings that give life to the places within us only few dare to breathe"

"Like having a best friend sit quietly beside you and whisper 'everything will be ok'"

"Your words have more impact than you know; they have saved my life at times"

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ISBN: 9781912779901
ISBN-10: 1912779900
Publisher: That Guy's House
Publication Date: October 14th, 2019
Pages: 124
Language: English