The World's Youngest General (Paperback)

The World's Youngest General By Kuhoi Zhimomi, Khekaho Zhimomi Cover Image
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Step into the world of General Kaito Sukhai, a warrior like no other. Embark on an adventure where no man has gone before. Discover the genius of a legend who has slain giants to defend his land and lead a people on a journey towards freedom and deliverance.
This is the story of Naga's champion. From the myriads of heroes in the legends of freedom struggles, throughout the world, one man followed what was to become his destiny. General Kaito Sukhai inspired a generation by laying down his life with a determination to achieve a future that would liberate his people from a threatening dominance.
A man of courage, fearless yet benevolent, the General guided his people where none had dared to tread. The tales of his wit and gallantry amaze and enthral all who have ears to hear.
Although the General has now gone to the land of his forefathers, the baton has been bequeathed to thousands of Naga offspring to continue his legacy. He was the rising tide that raised all hopes, the face of optimism for the dispirited, the solution that cast out fear, and ultimately a hero to conquer the oppression of the enemy. Dreaded, but also admired by his enemies, General Kaito Sukhai was respected and revered by his followers.
Get ready to be amazed and inspired with the remarkable story of The World's Youngest General.

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ISBN: 9781838483876
ISBN-10: 183848387X
Publisher: Maurice Wylie Media
Publication Date: April 1st, 2022
Pages: 212
Language: English