Every Thought My Choice (Paperback)

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Every Thought, My Choice is about being transformed by the renewing of your mind and discovering optimal ways of living a life of excellence. Stay curious as you discover insightful ways that promotes learning for life, revitalizing your soul for purpose. Wherever you choose to begin, trust this is your starting point and your connection to now. Use this book as a mindful way to begin your day and contemplate as you receive wisdom that comes from being present, opening your heart and mind to all that is possible. Written as an inspiration originally for her husband and family's benefit, it will leave you exploring, challenging, and delighting in optimising your way of thinking. Every Thought, My Choice will invite you to relax and dream big.

About the Author

Julie Rocca is an inspirational enthusiast who promotes excellence by motivating, challenging, and inspiring people to move beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary. As a visionary, optimist, inspirationalist, and mentor, her life moves beyond being a wife, mother, and grandmother and expands as a woman of faith with wisdom and understanding. Her outlook and decisions are shaped by her beliefs, experiences, resiliency, and courage. Julie's emotional intelligence proves to be a worthy attribute of her virtue and character. Learning for life extends her reach and understanding her way of expression and impressing upon your mind a new way of thinking is captivating. As an advocate for enthusiasm and mindfulness, she'll let you experience joy and exhilaration in her presence as her intuition leaves you desiring to seek your greatest potential. Her life's journey, thus far, has touched lives and made a difference as her circle of influence continues to expand. Julie's openness, honesty, and transparency allow her the privilege to connect with strangers at the heart as her authenticity encourages others to relax and dream big on their journey of discovery.
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ISBN: 9781796007411
ISBN-10: 1796007412
Publisher: Xlibris Au
Publication Date: March 3rd, 2021
Pages: 176
Language: English