Red Wolves Motorcycle Club: Lily Roar (Paperback)

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Lily is the link to ending the human trafficking ring. Now Branch and Charlie must do all they can to protect her. Lily has almost given up believing she can escape from the clutches of the Master, the man who holds her as a sex slave in his mansion of degradation. When she has the opportunity to flee, she races into the night with a crippling fear that she could be captured. Branch Barrigan, the enforcer of the Red Wolves Motorcycle Club, and Deputy Charlie Earenflight might be on opposite sides of the law, but they don't hesitate to punish those who hurt women. Branch and Charlie make a pact to hunt down the head of the human trafficking organization. When they find Lily, they are unaware she's the link they've been searching for. The two men do all they can to protect her. In the process, they come to love her quiet strength. But Lily needs to learn to roar if she's to survive the pain of her past and confront the evil that can rob her of a future.
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ISBN: 9781784306410
ISBN-10: 178430641X
Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing
Publication Date: June 30th, 2015
Pages: 214
Language: English