Letting Them Go (Paperback)

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I noticed at a young age that I had a difficult time expressing my emotions vocally. This proved to be even more challenging growing up as more emotions developed. I would either go off on tongue-twisting tangents that would ultimately confuse people, or the delivery would be so incredibly aggressive that I'd push people away. Nonetheless, I knew that when I felt something, I felt everything and I needed to find a release. So I began escaping into the world of words on paper. I would describe heartaches that felt like earthquakes in your chest, depression in which every brain wave is TV static noise and loss was a constant sinking into the pits of nothingness. My muse was anything painful and this is why I can only categorize myself as a part-time writer because I only write when I am overwhelmed with emotions. This book is a collection of poems and prose that I wrote while giving my everything to everyone except myself. I wanted to share this book with everyone but mostly, I wanted to share it for myself.

Dating through your 20's feels a lot like a lack of self-love and an abundance of heartbreak. In this poetry book, we embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth through the power of letting go. Letting go of the brokenness of failed relationships and the sadness that comes from losing yourself within those relationships. Letting go of the feelings of inadequacy, shame and defeat in the absence of self-worth. Letting go of our own toxic patterns and the mistakes that brought us here. When we learn to let things go, we learn to make room for forgiveness, acceptance and triumph. The journey begins inside.

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ISBN: 9781778169403
ISBN-10: 1778169406
Publisher: Stephanie Asselin Rollin
Publication Date: September 6th, 2022
Pages: 92
Language: English