Magician to Mystic: A Mediumistic Path to a Spiritual Life (Paperback)

Magician to Mystic: A Mediumistic Path to a Spiritual Life By Brian Robertson, Simon James, &. James Robertson Cover Image
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This book is a treasure for serious seekers of the sacred art of mediumship, and for those ready to discover the riches of their own inner quest.

Original and enlightening, it opens the door to a deeper, heart-centred understanding of the nature of mediumship, mysticism and its spiritual roots. A new generation of seekers is encouraged to reconnect with the classical oral tradition of esoteric mediumship grounded in ancient knowledge: a critical foundation that includes aspects of alchemy and mythology in combination with Robertson and James' teachings of their archetypes and triads. By revealing the sacred principles behind transcommunication, Magician to Mystic moves us further along the path of awareness toward the revelation of our own spiritual nature.

Internationally esteemed teachers of the mystery tradition and the intuitive arts, Simon James and Brian Robertson, revitalize aspects of ancient wisdom which lie at the core of the healing art of transcommunication. Their work fosters our innate ability to tap into that wealth of inspiration open to everyone, which they call "everyday mediumship." Above all, with this book, they remind us that our mind and heart may be willing to open to truths which our spirit already knows.

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ISBN: 9781773027722
ISBN-10: 1773027727
Publisher: Debra Skelton
Publication Date: June 1st, 2018
Pages: 202
Language: English