It's Time to Push: Birthing Your God-Given Purpose (Paperback)

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Hearing the words, "It's Time to Push" signifies that soon you will be able to tangibly hold something you've been carrying for months. In the spiritual sense, "It's Time to Push" is a call to action. It means it is time to step into your purpose and be ALL that GOD created you to be. "It's Time to Push" means fear, insecurities, finances, and all other negative blockers that mentally & physically appear will not stop you from your calling. Enough is enough. No more sitting on the sidelines, It's Time to Push.Read the stories of 6 women who detail the obstacles they've overcome in finding and birthing their purpose. In addition, we have a BONUS chapter to help you prepare mentally for the birthing process-especially if you're trying to birth a business. Seven dynamic ladies have come together to share their stories on getting into the birthing position, and hearing "It's Time to Push" in the spirit. Read along with them and soon that tugging in your gut will give way to a pounding that you can no longer ignore. Sister, "It's Time to Push
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ISBN: 9781736780800
ISBN-10: 1736780808
Publisher: Debbie Lesean, LLC
Publication Date: March 29th, 2021
Pages: 160
Language: English