When Paradise Speaks: A Remarkable, True Story of Friendship, After-Death Communication, and Art that Heals (Paperback)

When Paradise Speaks: A Remarkable, True Story of Friendship, After-Death Communication, and Art that Heals Cover Image
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An Inspiring, Powerful True Story of Messages from the Afterlife

When Irene, one of three close friends, dies unexpectedly, the trio's lives intertwine in life-changing ways. Immediately following Irene's death, Ris begins to sense her friend's presence around her. While delivering her eulogy from the pulpit at Irene's Celebration of Life, Ris sees Irene sitting in the congregation, her long auburn hair reflecting light from the windows above. Irene is calm and joyful as she glances, smiling, over her family and friends.

A fascinating year unfolds as Ris receives continuous communication from Irene from the afterlife through lucid dreams, channeled messages, and synchronicities too profound to be manifestations of her imagination. Under the weekly guidance of a spiritual leadership coach, Ris commits to a disciplined practice of daily meditation, guided imagery, spiritual experiences, and journaling to document all that she is experiencing and to make sense of this new relationship with the afterlife.

One year later, Irene directs Ris to write this book from the journals she has filled, telling her that she will be her ghost writer from the other side. The book is to be shared with the world, offering hope and understanding that our loved ones are always with us from beyond the veil to bring comfort and support.

Weeks later, the third friend, Anne, receives instructions from Irene to begin creating large, inspiring, "peacock-colored" paintings, using special inks and her breath. Though Anne was not an artist and nor was Irene, the directions are specific that she is to breathe the souls of those who have passed into her paintings using this unusual technique. Within months, Anne has created hundreds of paintings. These astonishing showpieces, some of which are included in the book, are awakening others around the world to connect with the spirit world themselves.

When Paradise Speaks is an uplifting and highly engaging story about three friends and what transpired when they were willing to embrace and act on after-death communication. This book validates that our loved ones are with us in spirit, and always ready to offer us their loving guidance. All we must do is be willing to ask, receive, and act on their messages.

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ISBN: 9781735292007
ISBN-10: 1735292001
Publisher: Rise Severson Kasmirski
Publication Date: December 1st, 2020
Pages: 326
Language: English