The Power of a friend (Paperback)

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Lo'Tuz (Lotus) is a sad little girl. Missing her mommy and wishing they could be together, she often cries herself to sleep at night. One day, however, she meets a girl who understands how she feels, someone she can laugh and play with, and this makes all the difference in her life. The Power of a Friend by Sade Harvison is an inspiring story that shows the healing power of friendship in our lives. Based on the author's own experience growing up without her mother, the story shows the hope that we can bring by being there for each other and teaches readers that no matter what they're facing, they can always dream bigger than their circumstances. Sade R. Harvison was born in Columbus, Ohio on November 16, 1988 to Victor Harvison and Catrinna Brock. Sade would describe her younger years as a time filled with love and chaos. This inspired her to write a childrens book series based on her time growing up in Columbus, Ohio to young parents in the '90s. She really wanted to paint a picture and describe how she was able to navigate life without being raised by her mother. Sade hopes that the Lo'Tuz series will help young children who struggle with similar situations. She wants them to know through her own life story, that some of the most beautiful things come alive in the dark. Most importantly she wants to show her three sons that with vision and dedication nothing can stop you.
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ISBN: 9781662820137
ISBN-10: 1662820135
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: July 21st, 2021
Pages: 20
Language: English