An Extreme Journey: The Incredible Adventures of Hawk and Paxie (Paperback)

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"You have a destiny from The Most High" a message from a six-winged golden eagle named Malachi presented to a shy little sparrow named Hawk. Gifted with singing, Hawk's songs deeply touch the hearts of people and birds. He is friendly with people and knows what they are saying. Hawk's affection towards people turns to resentment and mistrust when his mother tells him who killed his father. He tells his best friend Paxie about his quest to find the murders forgetting the message from Malachi. On his journey, Hawk is reminded of his destiny from Malachi, angels, and Judah a six-winged lion. Hawk lands in Crow City ruled by the crows who take notice of his magnificent singing. He survives with the help of Zeke, a street-smart sparrow with a motive to make Hawk a famous singer. A little girl named Sarah hears Hawk sing becomes a special friend touching his heart. Missing his best buddy, Paxie leaves town for Crow City desperately seeking Hawk, always one step behind. Conflict over a singing contract and the crow's plot to apprehend Hawk, unbeknownst to the sparrow amigos trouble is brewing in Crow City. When I was nine I lived on a small farm in S.E. Arizona along with my four brothers and sister. I spent afternoons sitting under a mulberry tree reading children's books a breeze and the smell of peach blossoms permeated the air. We had cows, horses, chickens, and a beloved pet crow named Qwi Qwi. An environment that would foster imaginations for a future children's book. I went to Catholic schools taught by nuns that were thorough in discipline yet merciful. I am currently an R.N. Years later like my character Hawk, I would have a destiny from THE Most High to write a children's book.
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ISBN: 9781662810572
ISBN-10: 1662810571
Publisher: Mill City Press, Inc
Publication Date: June 21st, 2021
Pages: 190
Language: English