America in Turmoil: Essays on Politics, the Economy, Society, and the Future (Hardcover)

America in Turmoil: Essays on Politics, the Economy, Society, and the Future By John Deq Briggs Cover Image
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A wonderfully readable collection of trenchant essays addressing our society's challenges and offering non-partisan solutions." -William F. Weld, Governor of Massachusetts 1991-1997 (R), and author of Mackerel by Moonlight, Big Ugly, and Stillwater

"Refreshingly sensible and original, John Briggs focuses on fixing problems, not fixing blame" -Bill Richardson (D), Governor of New Mexico 2003 - 2011

"Required reading for policymakers on both sides of the political divide." -Mark Halperin, American journalist, and publisher of Wide World of News

"A dispatch from a more civilized discourse ... Briggs' intellectual integrity, reliance on data, and refusal to rely on received wisdom sets his columns apart, and his insightful, engaging prose clarifies complex ideas without simplifying them" -BookLife by Publishers Weekly

" Briggs] takes readers on engaging digressions into various topics, from streaming programs and movies to book reviews, economics, and national service, all with the aim of providing valuable insights to help readers think critically about the country's most pressing issues." -Readers' Favorite

"America in Turmoil represents a valuable addition to the popular discourse on recent American history, politics and economics." -Seattle Book Review

"A nuanced treatment of key issues affecting America, written from the perspective of a conservative (in the original meaning of that label), John DeQ. Briggs' America in Turmoil stakes out cogent and strong views on important topics." -IndieReader

America in Turmoil presents a thought-provoking collection of essays by John DeQ. Briggs, a Washington lawyer and a founding editor of The Chesapeake Observer. This diverse compilation of essays, originally published as individual columns, delves into pivotal events spanning late 2019 through the tumultuous years of 2020-22.

From the murder of George Floyd and the transformation of the BLM movement to the aftermath of the 2022 elections, Briggs offers a pragmatic examination of events with a focus on practical solutions rather than partisanship. His fair assessment of issues, along with readable digressions into economics, streaming programs, and more, offers a balanced view despite his New England Republican perspective.

Addressing topics like inflation, immigration, cancel culture, and Afghanistan, America in Turmoil challenges readers on all sides of the political spectrum to think critically about the nation's most pressing issues. Briggs' perspective fosters a much-needed dialogue, encouraging lawmakers and citizens alike to focus on solutions rather than assigning blame. With a fair and practical lens, this collection guides readers toward understanding and addressing the complex challenges facing the United States.

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Publication Date: November 21st, 2023
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