Self Discipline in 6 Weeks: How to Build Goals with Soul and Make Your Habits Work for You (Paperback)

Self Discipline in 6 Weeks: How to Build Goals with Soul and Make Your Habits Work for You By Jennifer Webb Cover Image
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From chasing dreams to catching them--how self discipline with heart can help you set goals and reach them

What stands between you and your aspirations in life? Whether it's self-doubt, indecision, or a to-do list a mile long, you're not alone. Self Discipline in 6 Weeks is your guide to breaking through the seemingly complex barriers that have stopped you--until now.

While self discipline can sound daunting, this book breaks it down into easy, actionable sections aimed at helping you achieve a little bit more every day for six weeks. Research-backed insights from positive psychology and neuroscience, plus sage advice from mindfulness practice, provide the surprisingly powerful foundation of purpose, self-esteem, and resilience required to turn dreams into reality.

Inside Self Discipline in 6 Weeks you'll learn about:

  • Knowing yourself--Self-inquiry exercises help you determine what's truly important to you--and how to prioritize it.
  • Self-care--Learn how self-compassion can help you manage stress or setbacks on your way to living with meaning and authenticity.
  • Skill builders--Six skill-building chapters help you hone your ability to succeed, including understanding your true values, finding purpose, setting meaningful goals, and learning how to bounce back from anything.

Be your own best personal coach and harness the power of self discipline to achieve your goals.

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ISBN: 9781641529365
ISBN-10: 1641529369
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: March 10th, 2020
Pages: 182
Language: English