Toward a Psychology of Awakening: Buddhism, Psychotherapy, and the Path of Personal and Spiritual Transformation (Paperback)

Toward a Psychology of Awakening: Buddhism, Psychotherapy, and the Path of Personal and Spiritual Transformation By John Welwood Cover Image
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A guide to understanding the relationship between Western psychology and the contemplative sprituality of the East—and how one’s spiritual journey can be enriched by both
How can we connect the spiritual realizations of Buddhism with the psychological insights of the West? In Toward a Psychology of Awakening John Welwood addresses this question with comprehensiveness and depth, building on his innovative psychospiritual approach to health, healing, and spirituality. He covers the following topics:
• What can the spiritual methodologies of the East teach us about psychological health?
• What issues arise when the recognition of our larger nature challenges our very conception of individual self ?
• What new directions become possible when psychological work is undertaken in a spiritual context?
• How does Western psychological understanding affect our approach to spirituality?
Welwood's psychology of awakening brings together three major dimensions of human existence: personal, interpersonal, and suprapersonal in one overall framework of understanding and practice.

About the Author

As a psychotherapist, teacher, and author, John Welwood has been a pioneer in integrating psychological and spiritual work. Welwood has published six books, including the best-selling Journey of the Heart (HarperCollins, 1990), as well as Challenge of the Heart (Shambhala, 1985), and Love and Awakening (HarperCollins, 1996). He is an associate editor of the Journal for Transpersonal Psychology. He leads workshops and trainings in psychospiritual work and conscious relationship throughout the world.

Praise For…

“A very important book. It represents a perceptive, scholarly and at the same time highly practical attempt to see not only how Western psychology and Buddhism relate to each other but also how they complement each other. I cannot commend this book too highly.” The Middle Way
“Brilliant and thought provoking. This ambitious work succeeds so well because it sheds light on the interplay between meditation, inner work, and conscious relationship as a spiritual practice.” Spirituality & Health

“Marvelously fluent, personable, and eminently compassionate.” NAPRA Review

“Rich, potentially transforming insights abound here. Psychotherapists and spiritual seekers alike will be enriched by this book.” Publishers Weekly
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ISBN: 9781570628238
ISBN-10: 1570628238
Publisher: Shambhala
Publication Date: February 12th, 2002
Pages: 352
Language: English