Get Fluent In Arabic!: How Some People Attain Fluency Faster Than Others (Paperback)

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Get Fluent In Arabic is the first self help guide that'll show you to become fluent faster.Author Moniur S Rohman outlines the strategies that made him a fluent speaker, reader and writer of Arabic despite having very little previous experience. Using real-life examples from the author's experiences, this engaging guide gives you step by step instructions for achieving fluency success. You'll learn how to learn Arabic effortlessly. You'll discover for yourself unique listening, speaking, reading and writing exercises that'll improve your fluency quickly, learn and apply grammar easily. If you think you can't learn Arabic, Moniur S Rohman says otherwise. Everyone has the capacity to learn Arabic and benefit from the various opportunities it opens up, no matter what their skills, knowledge, education, or experience. Now is the time to change your ideas about learning Arabic, and take control of your progress Let Moniur S Rohman show you the way in GET FLUENT IN ARABIC ACT NOW Click that yellow BUY button at the top of this page tags, Learn arabic grammar, learn arabic for kids, learn arabic alphabet, learn arabic fast, fluency in Arabic, learn Arabic book, speak Arabic, read Arabic, learn Arabic calligraphy, learn arabic online, write arabic letters, easy arabic, online arabic, learn arabic today,

About the Author

In May 2009, Moniur S Rohman left his position in local government to study Arabic in Egypt where he spent a year and a half achieving an Arabic language diploma at the Fajr Center in Cairo. He has studied grammar, Ajroomiyah, Balagha, and Kitab ul Assasi. He has worked as an Arabic teacher and an Arabic interpreter in China. He is currently happily married living in London with his wife Ayesha and son Adam
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ISBN: 9781537350530
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Publication Date: August 28th, 2016
Pages: 186
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