Where Did Mommy Go? (Hardcover)

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This book was written for young children to help them understand why mommy or daddy has to go away for an extended time to a treatment center to "get better." This can seem like a difficult conversation to have with a 3-6-year old. Children of this age may not understand why their parent is going away and can be confused and even frightened. In many cases, they may know on some level that there is something going on, and often a simple explanation will suffice, that mommy or daddy is going away for a while to get better and that they will return soon. Explaining to a child that they will be safe and taken care of while their parent is gone will help them feel confident in this new change in their life.

In this book, Spook's mommy is going to a treatment center so she can get better and doesn't have to drink her strange milk anymore. Parents going into treatment will also benefit by sharing this book with their 3-6-year old, opening up communication and making the explanation easier.

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ISBN: 9780998031767
ISBN-10: 0998031763
Publisher: Amaranth Press
Publication Date: October 27th, 2020
Pages: 36
Language: English