Thirty-Five Years on Death Row: The Roger Collins Story (Paperback)

Thirty-Five Years on Death Row: The Roger Collins Story By Clara Hunter King Cover Image
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This is a true account of a young man who has spent thirty-five years on death row. The purpose of this book is to help keep young people out of jails and prisons. It will also help parents avoid the heartache and sorrow that they suffer when their child is sentenced to prison for many years, for life, or to death row.The information is straight forward and easy to understand. THIRTY-FIVE YEARS ON DEATH ROW: THE ROGER COLLINS STORY shows clearly how one bad choice led to tragic consequences for Roger. Although there are flaws in every system, the majority of the systems work the way they should most of the time. The criminal justice system is probably the most broken system in America. Mostly because justice and fairness depends largely on whether you are rich, poor, or very poor. The amount of money you have can be a sure indicator of whether you will receive justice and fairness.
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ISBN: 9780983429975
ISBN-10: 0983429979
Publisher: Kingdom Publications
Publication Date: December 10th, 2012
Pages: 124
Language: English