Speak Czech Badly!: But Speak It Today! (Paperback)

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Speak Czech Badly is a trademark of the Speak a foreign language Badly book and audio series. Unlike a phrase book which allows you to say only what is included there, and unlike a language course which takes far too long for most people's purposes, The Language Brain enables you to create novel statements, questions and sentences, and yes, like it says on the cover, in minutes. (That is, after you make it through my lengthy explanations.: -) By using the guided approach offered here, you can learn to create a lot of language in little time. By speaking immediately, you will internalize the language, remember the words without trying, and develop the ability to converse in real-time with fewer and fewer errors, all while having a ball whether visiting, working or living in the Czech Republic. (Coming soon: Speak French Badly , Speak German Badly , Speak Italian Badly, Speak Spanish Badly Speak Chinese Badly and many more.
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ISBN: 9780982224311
ISBN-10: 0982224311
Publisher: Lingo Arts
Publication Date: November 3rd, 2015
Pages: 254
Language: English