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Set in South Australia, 1884; this is the story of three Afghan cameleers as they go about delivering supplies along the Birdsville Track. Follow Nak, Shir and Abdul on an adventure across outback Australia, where their pasts catch up to them in many ways. Individual feelings are tested to the limit, insecurities are measured by fear, and desire is outweighed by need. Angry and forgiving, tired and alive, eager and pessimistic. They fight against the conditions, against the hate, and against their pasts.

It is a work of fiction, based on the people of the times, where prejudice is very much alive, many Afghans being treated poorly, not just for the colour of their skin, or their religious belief, but because of the expertise that the Afghan cameleers offer the Australian outback, taking work from many Australians.This story offers an in-depth look at the life of cameleers and the issues surrounding camel strings, shedding a great amount of light on the subject of camels in the outback, opening the eyes of the reader as to the great work that camel strings performed during this time of expansion.

Camels were able to out-work bullock teams and horses due to their abilities to adjust to a harsh land, and the cameleers were of no exception.

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Publication Date: November 21st, 2022
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