Lake Forest Book Store was opened in 1949 by a group of local women who decided that this small North Shore community needed a book store. For 55 years the book store inhabited a small space just south of the town square. The store was 1000 square feet with 650 square feet selling space. Six years ago Lake Forest Book Store moved into the cornerstone space vacated by B. Dalton on historic Market Square, a downtown shopping area that was completed in 1917. Now located directly across from the Lake Forest train station the store is right in the middle of the town square area and has grown to 1800 square feet of selling space.

The book store is a general full service store with a large selection of books that reflect the needs and interests of the community. Some of our strong areas include a large children’s section with an ever changing selection of new picture and chapter books. We also have a large selection of new and backlist interior design books. At the center of the store resides a large table overloaded with new paperback fiction. Customers gather round the table to hear reviews of the latest paperback books. As an extension of this we do evening book reviews for book clubs in which we review from 50 to 75 books appropriate for book clubs, pleasure reading and gift giving. We are now also stocking cards, gifts, candles, novelties, toys and board games.

Lake Forest Book Store has strong links to the community. We have partnerships with many local organizations and join together with them for many book and author events. The store is a vendor to the Lake Forest schools and is involved in several local book fairs. We routinely donate books and book reviews to local charities. Several generations of Lake Forest residents have grown up coming to the Lake Forest Book Store. We look forward to serving this wonderful community for generations to come.